Portfolio+ ETFs provide 25% additional daily exposure to a suite of broad market indexes and the ability for investors to seek enhanced returns in a cost-effective and transparent liquid structure. On this page you’ll find educational content to help you better understand how Portfolio+ ETFs can fit your asset allocation strategy. Learn more about the opportunities these funds provide and how they’re constructed.

Investing in a Portfolio+ ETF may be more volatile than investing in broadly diversified funds. The volatility of an index may affect a Portfolio+ ETF’s return as much as, or more than, the return of the index. As a result, the Portfolio+ ETFs may not behave as expected. The Portfolio+ ETFs are intended to be used by investors who intend to monitor their portfolios.


Increase Exposure

Target increased daily exposure to common broad-based indexes.

Magnify Returns

Provide magnified returns in order to seek outperformance over time. Magnified returns increase gains and losses.

Maintain Strategy

Maintain allocations to the asset classes of the indexes within your strategy.


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