Introducing PortfolioPlus ETFs

You’re not one of those “set it and forget it” portfolio advisors. But you also wouldn’t change an investment just for the sake of change. Each PortfolioPlus ETF seeks to add 25% more exposure on a daily basis to popular broad-based indexes. These ETFs allow investors to obtain $1.25 worth of daily exposure to their benchmark index for every $1.00 invested. Seen another way, PortfolioPlus ETFs combine the benefits of passive indexing with the potential to outperform the markets.

Investing in PortfolioPlus ETFs may be more volatile than investing in broadly diversified funds. Compounding affects all investments, but has more impact on leveraged funds, particularly during periods of higher index volatility and longer holdings periods. Returns may be negative in the same period that the index returns were flat or positive. PortfolioPlus ETFs are intended to be used by investors who understand leverage risk, the effects of compounding and who intend to monitor their portfolios.


How do PortfolioPlus ETFs get their extra 25% daily exposure? Composition and risks. test
Is there was a way to add just a little more exposure to diversified portfolios? There is. test
PortfolioPlus ETFs help you seek enhanced daily returns with reduced compounding compared to more leveraged ETFs. test

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PortfolioPlus ETFs Offer Additional Boost of Exposure for Asset Allocation Portfolios. test
PortfolioPlus ETFs are a suite of ETFs that seek to add 25% more daily exposure to popular broad-based indexes. test

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