You’re not one of those “set it and forget it” portfolio advisors. But you also wouldn’t change an investment just for the sake of change. Each Portfolio+ ETF seeks to add 25% more exposure on a daily basis to popular broad-based indexes. These ETFs allow investors to obtain $1.25 worth of daily exposure to their benchmark index for every $1.00 invested. Seen another way, Portfolio+ ETFs combine the benefits of passive indexing with the potential to outperform the markets.


How do Portfolio+ ETFs get their extra 25% daily exposure? Composition and risks. test
Is there was a way to add just a little more exposure to diversified portfolios? There is. test
Portfolio+ ETFs help you seek enhanced daily returns with reduced compounding compared to more leveraged ETFs. test

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Portfolio+ ETFs are a suite of exchange- traded funds that seek to add 25% more daily exposure to popular broad-based… test
Distributions were paid on select Portfolio+ ETFs in March. The ETFs include PPDM, PPEM, PPMC, PPTB. test

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